Pasadena East West Bank collection and Xu Bing

Research the history of Pasadena East West Bank collection and Xu Bing art on view. Discuss why you selected this artist, what you found interesting or unusual about his/her work, what themes or topics the work addresses that seem Asian or Chinese, what general themes or topics the work/the artist addresses, your evaluation of the execution or presentation of the theme/topics by the artist. Write 2 – 3 pages on the artist and his/her art, especially the work in the collection.

Finally, write 1 – 2 pages about the East West bank collection of contemporary Chinese art in general — what you thought of it, how it was presented, why they created this collection.


4 – 5 pages, double-spaced, typed, with at least three outside references not including WIKIPEDIA. Please try to include pictures of other artwork if discussed.