Personal Life and Ministry.

In Christian theodicy the free-will defense plays a very basic role.

Discuss the free-will defense and its relevance for your personal life and


The assignment has two parts, each counting 50%.

1) Explain the free-will defense and discuss its role in Christian theodicy.

2) Reflect on how the question of free will relates to your personal life and


You should interact critically and reflectively with both the course

literature and if relevant with other appropriate sources. When you write

your paper, make sure you incorporate proper structure, grammar, form and

style, referencing, general appearance etc. Note the importance of giving

adequate references and including a Bibliography. Be aware of strict

regulations regarding plagiarism and unlawful collaboration!

1) Clarity of Presentation (Introduction, body and conclusion)

2) Clarity of Thought

3) Content/Substance

3.1. Comprehension of key issues/problems

3.2. Ability to engage, analyze and criticize key issues/problems

3.3. Argumentation – ability to support his/her point(s) of view(s)