Personality Analysis Paper, analysis of a character from a film/movie of YOUR choice

you will be asked to write a 4-6-page paper that analysis of a character from a
film/movie of YOUR choice. To analyze your character, you will choose one of the three theorists covered in
this class so far (Freud, Jung, or Adler ONLY) and discuss how the theorist would view/analyze the character?s
behavior in the film.
*** Films that CAN?T be analyzed:
American History X, One Flew Over the Cuckoo?s Nest Paper , Pursuit of Happiness
Introduction and a thesis statement- What is the purpose of the paper? (1 paragraph)
PT1: Description of the character (1 paragraph)
PT2: Describe/summarize the Personality Theorist/Approach you will employ to analyze the character
What are the theorist?s primary theories/concepts about personality (1-2 paragraphs) (For Examplefor
Carl Rogers I would want to discuss: Actualizing Tendency, Unconditional Positive Regard,
Incongruence, Congruence)
PT3: Using the theories of personality you have chosen (PT. 2) analyze the character?s behavior (This
is the heaviest weighted points section of the paper) (4-6 paragraphs)
Give at least 4-6 separate examples from the film and discuss how your character?s behaviors
illustrate specific concepts/theories from PT 2- (1) paragraph for each concept/theory-
PT4: Conclusion- A discussion of why you believe the chosen personality theorist/approach is
accurate/inaccurate at explaining the character (1 paragraph).
Guidelines: READ!
This assignment will take longer than you think, so start early to leave plenty of time to do the task and to outline and write
your essay. Your paper should be typed in 12-point font (Times New Roman), 4-6 (full pages) double-spaced
pages. Please keep the following in mind.
(2) Avoid colloquialisms (i.e., informal language), and be sure to outline your ideas so your
paper is well organized.
(3) It is not necessary to answer the questions in the order they are listed above; as long as
answers are thoughtfully incorporated, you should do well on the paper.
(4) Use logical transitions between paragraphs so that it is clear to the reader where you have come from and where you are going.
(5) Do not assume that simply indenting and starting a new paragraph counts as a transition?it doesn?t.
Choose the theorist?s primary theories/concepts about personality From below
-Sigmund Freud and
-Alfred Adler
-Carl Gustav Jung
-Erik Erikson
Psychosocial Development