Petroleum Industry

Write a persuasive essay. I have done the part one and part two. so please follow my research prospectus and introduction draft to write the persuasive essay. you must cite at least three scholarly print source, and i have found one about wind energy at the end of the research prospectus. the other one is about Petroleum Jelly. but Petroleum Jelly does not count as one print sources. so you only need to find two other print sources from the internet. No more than 5 works cited. i will attack the essay description and the research and print resources requirement. so you can get to know more about the essay. the essay should first mention about some negative effect of te pertroleum industry, than talk about some possible energy like OFF-PEAK WIND ENERGY that can replace gasoline. at the end you can say we now still need gasoline but it is not that difficult to reduce petroleum consumption as long as we put it into action.