Pharmacy Industry – Career Options Reflective Paper.

If possible please help me with an Excellent career option reflective paper related in pharmacy industry.


-And base on the pharmacy industry power point and Paper requirements attached. Help me write an EXCELLENT paper reflective career option paper.

-which one career option is of most interest to me now and how will I approach learning more about a career in this area?

-please use the Essay REQUIREMENT below and GRADING as attachments.

This essay must include a discussion of:

• Why this area is of interest to you? Do you have experience working with individuals who may be your patients in this option?

• What personality traits and/or skills do you posses that draw you to this option?

• What aspect of this career option is most appealing to you?

• What aspect of this career option is least appealing to you?

From my stand point:

I am amazed how a drug have the ability to affect an entire person. I want to become a pharmacist to learn more about pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and how they treat and cure disease. After graduation, I’m interested in working for a I like to work in pharmaceutical industry as a research pharmacist to run clinical trials and focus on drug safety.