Philosophy Mid Termessay

Mid-term Essay Exam for PHIL105-23

The mid-term takes up 25% Percent of the whole grade (not counting the extra point question) for this

course. Each answer should be no less than one page, double space (Please, use Times New Roman

11, normal margination.) Your answer to each question should be in the form of a short essay. As a

take home exam, you can use the text book and your classnote. Any other sources are NOT allowed

to be used in the exam, and may be regarded as cheating once found. Please work on the exam

independently, and do not discuss with your classmate or any other people. It is also regarded as

cheating. Any cheating found in the exams will result in a grade of zero for your mid-term exam.

1. Summarize Socrates’ account of wisdom in Apology, and explain why does Socrates think it is

important to pursue wisdom? How does it contribute to true happiness for human being? (7%)

2. In Plato’s Republic, he argues that a just life is better than an unjust life. Please summarize his

main argument in Book IV of Republic, using the city-soul analogy. (10%)

3. In Book VII and VIII of the Republic, Plato uses three images: the analogy of the sun, the divided

line, and the allegory of the cave, basically for the same purpose. Describe the three images.

How are they connected to each other? What does Plato attempt to convey to us through the

three images? What is the role of them in the main argument in the Republic? (8%)

4. Extra Point Question: Summarize and compare Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle’s account of

happiness and virtue? What do they share? How are they different? Whose account do you

think to be the best? Why? (7%)

Each answer should be about one page!! Therefore, it is going to be 3 pages in total