PowerPoint Presentation

To develop a firm stand on content presented in a case you select and support by a demonstrated understanding of the course principles related to your assumed role in the respective case;
1. Introduction
2. Identification of your selected position/role in your selected case, and an overview of your main points in the presentation.
3. Description of the overall case content and main points in the selected case.
4. Description of your position on the issues and why.
5. Ensure you address the specific nature of the question assigned to the position selected for the case you have chosen.
6. Provide research that supports the position you have taken.
7. A selected plan of action related to your position, if you should be successful in gaining the outcomes you seek.
8. Conclusion
9. References in current APA format
This project must draw from the course text and at least 6 scholarly journal articles. These must be cited in a reference slide at the conclusion of your PowerPoint, which does not count in your total.
Chapter 9 in the textbook contains 10 cases. Each of the cases provides an opportunity for you to assume the various roles in the organization or union leadership that would normally be involved in the scenarios/negotiations presented in the case. Although each case has 3 questions asking you to assume various roles—the allowable question/roles for each case are identified below:
Case 1: Question #2 – Legal Counsel
Case 2: Question #2 – HR Manager
Case 3: Question #1 – Labor Relations Manager
Case 4: Question #2 – Union Grievance Chairperson
Case 5: Question #1 – Legal Counsel
Case 6: Question #1 – Director HR
Case 7: Question #1 – Labor Relations Representative
Case 8: Question #2 – Union Grievance Chairperson
Case 9: Question #3 – Arbitrator
Case10: Question #1 – Personnel Director
Your PowerPoint presentation must be between 8–12 slides addressing the sections detailed above. (The introduction and reference slide at the conclusion does not add to the total.)
Budd, J. W. (2018). Labor relations: Striking a balance (5th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN: 9781259412387
https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781259864995/cfi/6/42!/4/2/70/18@0:0 starting from p.334