Research paper about huricane sandy

Research paper about huricane sandy
Answer each of the following questions. you will need to do some research of textbooks,scientific journal articles and other online sources.all sources should be cited using APA format.any source that you use must be must use scientifically reputable sources.

1. explain the major causes of hurricane from formation off the coast of africa to landfall in the united states or Caribbean.

2. many scientist are saying that hurricane sandy was in part, influenced and made more serious due to climate change and the warming from the atmosphere from the burning of fuels. on what evidence are they basing their arguments? in your opinion and based on your research , to what extent is this claim valid?

3. find out if new york city has a plan in place to adapt to climate change.if so, will it be able to cope with the expected changes to sea-level and storm surges?

4. some politicians and scientists are saying that new york must build sea defense such as movable sea gates. find out if there are any plans to di this , how much it might cost and weather is likely to work.

5, other scientists are saying that, rather than build sea walls, NYC could be made more resistant to climate change through more natural and ecological means. find out what this means, if there are any plans in place to do this and weather it is likely to work.

6. find out the predicted cost of clean up from hurricane sandy and compare it to any cost you find associated with answers to questions 5 and 6. give your opinion on what new york city should do to protect itself from future hurricanes, such as sandy.