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In an ever expanding world like the Internet security patches are paramount. Every system is going to have flaws or glitches that criminals will find a way to exploit. It’s impossible to know what area they will target but it is still worthwhile to better protect the things that they have attacked. While not foolproof, I still believe that these patches produce a more secure operating system.One of these patches was in April 2018 when Windows 10 introduced a patch to fix a critical flaw in Windows Defender firewall. Microsoft says that the malware files getting through could have come from many different places like emails, websites, and instant messages. It allowed the attackers to install programs, view, change, or delete data. Tung, L. (2018, April 04) In Feburary 2018 a huge patch was released that solved over 55 security issues across the system. There were holes in Microsoft Outlook, Edge, and Office that attackers would use to place dangerous code or websites. It also fixed a lot of the issues that come with flash player. Flash has a lot of holes that are easily broken through by attackers so they have made it possible for browsers to better block the use of flash. Krebs on Security. (n.d.).