Should the US and the UK open their borders to refugees and migrants ?

write the "first submission" of my research paper based on my research proposal (meaning that i must use the topic and all sources in my research proposal) Also, the two disciplines I will be integrating are economics and history. APA citation and if you want to add any sources please do.


1. A Title Page with a relevant title and related information.

2. An Introduction containing the following elements:

a) An introductory paragraph providing background on the topic leading to an explicit statement of purpose.

b) A brief summary of the significant findings from five main scholars who have written about your topic. Scholars must come from the disciplines you have selected. Your goal is to brief the reader on existing literature related to your topic. Please do not give away major scholarly conclusions in this brief literature review.

c) Integration: A paragraph indicating where your study fits with respect to the body of literature you have surveyed in the literature review. Restate your purpose and explain whether you are filling a void in research, developing the ideas of one or several authors, challenging an author?s findings, etc. You may then indicate the social science disciplines that will be integrated, the main concepts to be presented and the hypothesis to be explored. The introduction will be longer than usual because the literature review requires additional space.

3. Development

Here you are expected to write a quality submission representing the first few pages (approximately 3 ? – 4 ) of what will be the main body of your paper.

This section provides supporting evidence and analyzes the findings.

Your task is to apply social science concepts and approaches to shed light on the topic under investigation. You should not only describe or provide factual information.

You must demonstrate how the chosen social science disciplines can be employed to integrate your findings and gain a better understanding of the research puzzle you have set out to examine.

Remember that sources of all information used in these compiled pages must be properly cited using APA format.

4. A Detailed Outline of the remainder of your paper.

5. Annotated Bibliography

As you will have completed most, if not all, of your research by the time your First Submission is being written, you should also submit a complete annotated bibliography in appropriate APA format. Photocopies of these references should be submitted at this time. If any of the main sources have changed, a photocopy of the substituted sources must be included.

6. Original marked copy of the ?Research Proposal? with the correction grid.

Elements to remember:

This submission should present the final form of the first pages of your paper. Clearly, there should be an indication in this submission that you have made significant progress since your research proposal and first oral. Finally, there should be an indication that you are able to integrate the approaches found in your selected disciplines and have produced a truly ?INTEGRATIVE PROJECT?.