Social Constructivist

The ‘Social Constructivist’; Perspective Argues that People’s Understandings of, and Actions Toward, the Environment are Largely a Product of their Social Position [e.g., Culture, Socioeconomic Background].
In your opinion, is this perspective a help or a hindrance in resolving environmental problems and/or crafting environmental policy? Why?

Provide evidence/examples for your position. You may choose to answer this question for a particular environmental issue, such as the international climate talks that have taken place in Rio or Copehnhagen, or you may choose to answer it in general without reference to any particular environmental issue. Remember that you are required to find two ACADEMIC articles to support your position, and to cite them as footnotes or the end of the document.
Students are required to find, read, and cite two scholarly research articles that offer support for their argument. For ease of presentation, cite sources as footnotes rather than in a bibliography [TAs will offer assistance on this process]. It can be very difficult to write an argumentative paper—it is not merely a reflection of having read the material but of being able to critically analyze the most pertinent themes, construct an opinion supported by evidence from the readings and class, and present your argument in a coherent and logical fashion. Keep in mind that presenting a powerful argument is harder to do in a short format.
PLEASE read each sentence of instruction carefully, the last environmental essay I got from your website received a C because it did not fulfill the instruction. The quality of the academic citation is very important, a bad one will lead to a fail.
• A list of databases for journal articles, organized by topic [e.g., Environmental Science, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology] is available through NYU’s library. Start here:
• For information on identifying and finding research articles, see:
• For information on when and how to cite sources, see: