QUESTION 1: Describe the differences between absolute and relative poverty and provide evidence to examine the impact on one group for behaviour experiences and life chances.

QUESTION 2: Identify two types of inequality and examine the causes using sociological theory.

WHAT TO DO : please emphasis on inequality be base on SCOTLAND as whole, and the writer should link to sociological theory therefore the use of feminism to look at gender inequality in SCOTLAND and conflict theory to look at class and inequality would be expected.

QUESTION 3: Describe the funding mechanisms for social care services, including charges to service users (refer to your Local Authority charging policy)

WHAT TO DO : In Scotland, using facts, how are social services funded. A short ,simple, factual response. Monies are received from Westminster and from Socottish Govt…..and local authorities generate income from charging for services. Find the spending details for the Glasgow City Counci as a whole (it runs into millions) and discuss.

QUESTION 4 : Describe the sectors of the mixed economy of care- including reference to statutory, voluntary, private & informal care, identifying which sector your placement is in. my placement fall into the private care sector.

WHAT TO DO : The mixed economy is the combination of statutory, voluntary, private and informal sectors of care.

QUESTION 5 : Explain what part local, national & European government play in social policy in Scotland.

WHAT TO DO : set out the role of these three sources of government in the ‘making of social policy and their role in the making of social policy.

QUESTION 6 : (i) Define Quality Assurance, (ii) Describe & evaluate the effectiveness of quality assurance processes in promoting rights & responsibilities- these should include two of the following: registration & inspection, complaints, consultations, monitoring, Codes of Practice, National Care Standards.

WHAT TO DO : (i) short definition of quality assurance, then (ii) the effects of two processes from the options provided.

Question 7 : Describe and evaluate three policies in your agency & how they influence service provision. My place of agency is care home.

WHAT TO DO: The writer should just name 3 x policies in the agency workplace. Then asked to explain the legislation which underpins these policies.

QUESTION 8 : Describe the process in your agency for developing policies & procedures & how workers are made aware of these

WHAT TO DO: just how procedure are developed in a care setting as a whole.