Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement Plan

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement Plan
Conduct a stakeholder analysis and engagement plan for your chosen agency following the same process we used during the in-class exercise on the Georgia Dept. Use the attached document to frame your analysis.

Assignment 3: Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement Plan

Who are the stakeholders for the public/nonprofit agency you are examining for your course planning project?

Where would you place each group of these stakeholders on the power vs. interest grid below?
subjects players
crowd context setters
low POWER high

Based on your analysis and categorization of stakeholder influence, how would you recommend your chosen agency consider involving its various stakeholders during each phase of the planning process?

Strategic Planning Phase:
Inform/ “We will keep you informed”

Consult/ “We will keep you informed, listen to you, and provide feedback on how your input influenced the decision.

Involve/ “We will work with you to ensure your concerns are considered and reflected in the alternatives considered, and provide feedback on how your input influenced the decision

“We will incorporate your advice and recommendations to the maximum extent possible.”

Empower/“We will implement what you decide.

Analysis: Where are we now?

Strategic Issue Agenda: Where are we going?

Vision: Where do we want to go?

Creating the Plan: How do we get there?

Implementation: Getting there

Monitoring & Evaluation: Are we getting there?

I want to complement the solution on the same non-profit organization IS (Family Care International.) which I have found.

This is the organization
Outline for the Project Course

What organization would you like to examine and provide a planning document for?

The organization to be examined for the project is Family Care International. It is a non profit organization that helps in family care most especially in obtaining goals such as helping mitigate HIV risks and also death by pregnancy. Non profit organizations are organization and activities next to the institutional complexes of government, state, or public sector on the other hand and the for profit or business sector on the other, wherein it focuses on the field of welfare provision, education, community development, international relations, arts, environment and culture (Bryson 21). The importance of a nonprofit organization is that it helps in the development and the betterment of living of certain individuals within a society. Their role is important in providing assistance to the people wherein they don’t seek of gaining profit and most of the times are voluntarily made by the members of the group.

Will you do a strategic planning framework, or a performance measurement design?

The strategy to be employed for this project is a performance measure, wherein the project will present the internal and external environment of the organization, the strategic points employed by it and also the increased and also analyzing the performance of the organization in helping people who it intends to help. Performance measures are objective, quantitative indicators of various aspects of the performance of public programs and agencies (Poister 3).

Basically the mission of FCI is to launch women groups who will help women and children in African countries and assure that their family life will be properly protected by them. For the past years, FCI had achieved various goals such as following:

* Assuring in helping improve maternal health in different countries through giving affordable health care services to the said people.

* Organized a conference wherein the organization was able to inform other women and also institutions regarding the increasing maternal health problems and diseases such as HIV.

* Helping to improve maternal health care by supporting rural health care centers and also helping local members of society to know basic health aids.

Will your plan be for the entire organization, or a particular division/program of its work?

The plan will be for the entire organization, that is, it will help the institution to assess their performance and improve it for the future. Basically, the rigid laws governing the nonprofit organizations regarding their handling of money and the tax exemption can affect on their productivity. Thus, the organization may have a hard time to continue their operations and processing of data within the organization will be slow. Productivity and innovation will be difficult as the laws make it hard for them to do it.

What do you anticipate your plan will look like?

The plan will follow the following outline:

I. About FCI

A. Mission

b. Principles and Activities

II. Internal Environment of FCI

III. External Environment of FCI

IV. Models of Management of FCI

V. Performance of FCI

How will you go about putting together this planning/performance measurement framework?

This project will adopt a qualitative method wherein the researcher will have to talk personally to the staff of FCI to be able to asses their knowledge towards their own mission and organization. This style is more feasible in aiming of a collective response and personal approach in obtaining the needed data for the study. Qualitative style can help the researcher analyze how FCI can better help the people and obtain their objectives.