Strategic Case Analysis / Amazon academic essay MBA

Question: ” Critically Evaluate the role and importance of Jeff Bezos, in both business and corporate strategies at Amazon, in any two selected stages of its existence?”
– Research strategies of Amazon from start until present, focussing on business and corporate strategies.
– Select two periods, or instances which are important, giving insight into the role and importance of jeff Bezos
-Academic journals main source for references,must be up to date
Other important sources: Company info(Amazon), News / credible websites, business sources, etc.
– Research Academic theory of corporate / business strategies (using journals)
– Understand key models and executive management decision making processes and leadership
_ Then evaluate the link between theory and the two decisions you chose ( one must be corporate strategy the other business strategy.
_Be objective and justify points with theory
chose 8/10 themes and write 200-250 words paragraph for each.
– Do not use the same reference throughout.
– Academic writing throughout all paragraphs.
-Critically evaluate Jeff Bezo and the corporate / busines strategies.
(examples for the strategies: Expansion, Increased Production, “Going Green”, etc.)