Strategic Information Systems

This is Strategic Information Systems module that i take in Management School..

we are expected to Investigate two sections. I will upload the coursework file. This is suppose to be a report essay.

Each question should be related to the next in harmony. There is also a list of references of extra reading that we have to include, i will also upload.

The structure of the essay should include :

– Theory

– Comparison.

– Your own opinion from the theory

– Tables.

– Diagrams.

There should be diagrams.

****in the first section:

– Talk about the value and purpose of ERP to the company and how to satisfy the stakeholder needs. Talk about the ROI of ERP and make sure the process runs as per to value chain.

– Define the value ( tangible / intangible).

– ERP types.

– Value in philosophy and in business.

– Why ERP has advantage over other systems and why they are important to firms.

– Cloud ERP.

– Risks involved in ERP.

– Compare (brand/companies) who offer ERP service.

– Level of ERP modules.

– What can we do as managers of tomorrow toward ERP usage in a company.

– Vertical Flow / Horizontal Flow.

****in the second section:

– What is cloud computing / what does it validate / how to manage it.

– Flow of information.

– Data protection.

– Put legal issues.

– Talk about why Strategic Information Systems are important.

– Talk about IT development.