Surgery Day Surgery

Project description
This is an reflective essay!! Is required reflection of the roles of the ODP’ s they have played in the surgical care required by 3 separate groups ( adult, paediatric and elderly) , demonstrating an

understanding of the criteria for pre-assessment , pre-op , post – op and discharge of Day surgery.
Let me be clear; the essay has to have 2 parts- part one Surgery and part 2 Day surgery! This essay will have the same introduction( about 300 words) and the same strong conclusion ( 300

words) . It has to have 2 reflection frame works which it will be Driscoll 2008 .
First part -Surgery! The procedure will be Gamma Nailing and you will have to focus an a scrub practitioner but don’t forget to remind the role of the circulating person and don’t forget to

compare with the other 2 groups. If you chose an patient which is 46 years old then you have to compare and contrast with and paediatric and an elderly patient . I will give you an example; fee

fore the surgery start we check the consent form ; you will say for my patient (46) I have checked the consent form and the signature of the patient , but if I had a child I would have checked the

mums signature and if I had an elderly the checking will be the same on less the patient couldn’t consent himself. Then you go with prep the skin: could be warm solution for an child and an

The temperature of the theatre it will be different for the other groups
Attachments of the table if will be different for the other groups
For example for an child they would I’ve used flexible nailing smaller size and different sizes of drills ! Mention if it will be a difference on sutures ( dif type of skin) then on dressing!! Even if you

used the same equipment you should mention ; if I had an paediatric patient or an elderly I would I’ve used the same equipment . Focus in the scrub practitioner ; counting swabs , needle ,

instruments and closure of the wound! Find a reference to say why is Gamma Nailing a successfully procedure.
Part 2 – Day Surgery
You have to fallow a patient undertaken Left Inguinal Hernia using the Driscoll frame work! For this part you do not need to compare with the other groups , just choose a patient and give a

classification of ASA grade 2 because is diabetic or hypertension patient! For example is the day of the surgery and you look after him , then you have to say it how you meet him in pre-

assessment Clinique and you took his BP ( how much it was) then BMI( how much it was) , whatever you did for this patient and then how you prepare him for the surgery( all checks) then you went

to recovery and you looked after him post – op and then everything you did for him to discharge him in safe condition. Please, use the Driscoll frame work!! I have a list of the Text Book

recommendation if you want I can email you and I can send you 2 separate essay to have an idea how it should look ! I will need an email contact! Anyway, hope everything is clear, please, email

me if you need any information!