Surprise under the carpet at Northern Sigma Case Study


Critically analyse ?Surprise under the carpet at Northern Sigma?
relative to one of the dependent variables described in Robbins et al
(pp. 20-22). Use relevant OB theory, concepts and results from your
textbook and the broader peer-review OB literature to support your
answer. Provide recommendations on what Northern Sigma can do based on
your analysis.

This asks you to think through the issues facing Northern Sigma towards
establishing a set of recommendations. In doing so, you need to think
about behaviour in the organisation holistically. The analytic framework
is provided with regards to explaining the behaviour using a key
dependent variable. Demonstrating you can apply the course to a nominal
situation means you are more likely to extrapolate the learning from A3
to other situations as they arise using a solutions focused approach.
Extrapolation indicates deeper learning such that the course has been
more than a milestone towards a qualification.


A good way of developing a rich and sophisticated understanding of the
case study is to reflect on how each Topic in the course informs the
issues under consideration. As you progress through the course, look for
the relationship between Topics to help develop the integrated
understanding of the IGO that enables holistic critical analysis. For
example, you may discover a relationship between social norms and job
satisfaction. This includes developing your understanding by looking for
relevant peer-review articles to support your thinking as you progress
through the topics. Towards the end of the course, step back from the
foundation work for each Topic to look at Northern Sigma as a whole to
see what (if any) patterns emerge that might explain the observed
behaviour (dependent variable).


The big trap for the Case Study is analysing each element of the IGO as
separate and discrete constructs. The IGO model is a reductive artifice
that enables analysis of elements of behaviour in organisations. As
such, the results that come from it need to be reconstructed when used.
One way to think about this is looking at the IGO as a web. When you
tweak a Group level strand the Individual and Organisational level
strands also move. Nothing in OB happens in isolation. Look to integrate
the elements across OB Topics to provide the holistic answer.

The format is 12pt Times New Roman withsingle line spacing,


Refereces must have at least 20 unique references supporting their paper
with the following minima:
? 10 unique peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles. There are a number of
peer-reviewed (scholarly) journals that you could use for this
assignment; for example, e.g. Journal of Organisational Behaviour,
Personality and Individual Differences or Psychometrika.