Technology for Sex Determination and the Gender Gap in India. 19931

Technology for Sex Determination and the Gender Gap in India. 19931

•    You need to write a policy memo to explain the effects of sex determination technologies and the subsequent abortion of female fetus on the gender gap in India.

The policy memo is written and sent From the minister of states for health and family welfare To the minister of health. Then you will write the subject of the memo

followed by the date.
•    After that, you write the body of the memo which is divided into:
1)    Background/introduction. In this section you are trying to explain the situation or the background of the subject you chose.
2)    Issue statement. In this section you are stating the issue (the problem) that you’re trying to solve. Try to mention only the issue or the problem without

offering any solutions. Options and solutions will be mentioned in next sections.
3)    Options. Recommend three options to deal with the issue. One of the three options could be to do nothing, which in this situation will lead to the increase in

the gender gap and consequences that could be negative, such as polyandry or increase the rate of rape and sexual harassment, or could lead to positive consequences

such as reverence for women due to their scarcity. Other examples could include: one option could be government ban on sex determination technology or legislation to

prevent physicians from telling parents the sex of the fetus. Second option, educational programs that aim at changing the social and cultural status quo of valuing

males over females. The third option could be aimed at changing the economical equation between males and females; and legislate government-sponsored benefits for

female babies to make them less economic burden on families.
4)    Recommendation. In this section you recommend one of the three options you picked and advocate for the implementation of that option. Or you can have multiple

options for multiple approaches since the problem is really complicated and multifaceted. However, the options picked should complement each other in reducing the

gender gap in India.
5)    Rationale. In the section you will discuss the three options you have chosen prior and mentioned the pros and cons of each option including the option to do

nothing. Basically the consequences of not taking an action and how that would affect the issue, and then you argue for the option that you recommended and why is it

the best option.
6)    Conclusion. In this section you sum up the memo in a few brief sentences.
•    Below is an example of an internal policy memo to help you as a guide.
•    Finally pay attention to names and titles especially in the From/To section.
•    Policy memo should be about two to three pages long single spaced.