Texas politics and punishments

Paper instructions:
Please whoever are bidding here read it first carefully, i need fully typed 3 pages paper, and another page for citation excluding those 3 pages. so it will ended up 3 pages, and just for citation for 3-4 lines to another page. Has to argue on Capital punishments negative and positive sites, with example, and has to mentions law’s as well. detail guidelines has given below.
Paper Guidelines


•    Word processed with 1” margins, 12 point Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman font and double spaced

•    No cover page: use the standard MLA heading

•    Length: 2-3 pages (2-3 pages means a minimum of 2 full pages [one line on page 3 equals 2 full pages]

•    The paper should have a title. Hopefully you can come up with one that fits your paper
•    Use whatever citation format that you are comfortable with
•    Write in YOUR OWN WORDS! Use direct quotes sparingly

•    When in turning in the printed (hard) copy of the paper, please staple it in the upper left hand corner BEFORE TURNING IT IN AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS. Papers turned in unstapled will have points deducted. Please do not put the paper in a folder or binder or cover; points will be deducted.


Choose ONE (1) of the following questions to respond to in a well-organized, well written essay.

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is a controversial issue in this country. While many people feel that the death penalty is inhumane, others believe that capital punishment is a fair punishment. What is your position on capital punishment? Does it violate the Eighth Amendment’s restriction of “cruel and unusual punishment,” or is it a valid and deserved form of punishment?

In a well-developed essay, defend your position on capital punishment. Use class materials, readings, and research to support your discussion.

#. Three authentic Sources will be required for this paper.

Remember has to be fully typed 4 pages Essay.

Fully typed four pages paper, with an external page for citation, and has to be in MLA format.

No cover page required.