The ACA affordable care act from its inception to the implementation stage

The legislative process.
1. What committees and subcommittees have jurisdiction over this issue? Do they fight over turf? When disputes arise, how are they resolved? Is the issue multi-jurisdictional? Is that a concern on this issue?
2.What powers are wielded by committees and subcommittees "priori post hoc". Why are they given power? Can they exceed their power? Are their checks on committee power? What might happen if power is exceeded? Are any of those things likely to happen with this issue? How do the relevant committee chairs feel about your issue, including chairs of policy and power committees? Why are chairs view important? What are the interests as chairs and party leaders and as those with a legacy on this issue? Are some committees more powerful than others.
3. What are the differences in how the issue will be considered and supported between the house and senate? How will the electoral base, makeup of the membership, re-election frequency affect the ways in which the 2 houses treat the issue? Are committees and subcommittees roles different in the 2 houses? What difference might that make to your issue? How important is the threat of filibuster, cloture?
Some sources that might help. Alliance of health reform, Kaiser family foundation, congressional quarterly almanac, CQ weekly.
THE Hill respected political blogs.
Avoid Generic blogs