The American musical theatre.

what answers of each question (6-7 sentences each)
no reference need and do not need to write essay format. Just answer the each questions.
1) Name a character that we studied that you feel is most like you? If there isn’t any, pick one that is least like you. In other words, if you had to play the part – which character would you find easiest or most difficult to get inside. Do you feel this has to do with the differences in time and place or something more universal
– For #1 question, I want you to pick on character in musical Gypsy(1959)
2) Do you think it’s more important to be entertained or enlightened by a Broadway musical? Is there room for a show that is both? Have you seen shows in the last 5 years that could be described as clearly one or the other? Both?
3) Suddenly movies based on musicals are on the rise again. Name the film musicals you’ve seen and give your opinion. What worked or didn’t work? Do you think this trend is good?
4) Of the shows we have examined to date, which one was your favorite and why? Were you familiar with this show before this class? If so how and when did you experience it? Did your second experience of it change your opinion of it and if so, how? If it is a show you were unfamiliar with, was your initial impression changed after class discussion?
– The musical I learned in class is Gypsy, West Side story,Carousel, Showboat. From these four musicals, choose one.(I don’t want you to choose gypsy. )