The Strategy Experience

The Strategy Experience
The Strategy Experience
Your participation in ‘The Strategy Experience’ is intended to focus on ‘strategy-in-action’ – the application of strategic concepts and frameworks in the creation and pursuit of strategic objectives.
Once you have completed four Board Room meetings, equivalent to two years management of the advertising and marketing communications group WRSX, you will be in a position to complete your individual assignment.
The objective of the individual assignment is to focus on a particular decision, or a cluster of decisions, made during a specific episode of The Strategy Experience. You will assess the theoretical basis for the decisions, and consider possiblereasons for the success or failure of those decisions.
Address the following:
1. Consider your original analysis of the strategic position and strategic choices.How did your assessment of the strategic position and strategic choices evolve over thetwo yearperiod? What key changes occurred, or new information emerge, that changed youroriginal summary? 25 marks

2. Consider a specific decision, or cluster of decisions. Why were you pursuing these specific objectives rather than other objectives at this time?Considering the operating environment of WRSX, what was your basis for the decision? What was your expectation for the outcome and was this fulfilled? 25 marks
3. Present a brief discussion of the underpinning theoretical frameworks for the decision(s); did the theory support the decision, or mislead you, and why?To what extent did the use of theory help resolve any conflict of objectives?

Theory v Analysis
The emphasis in this assignment is to present concise analysis. Concentrate on the key factors that are relevant to each question andavoid long descriptive passages – this will help you comply with the word count
Analytical Models
Do not simply paste standard models and frameworks into the report. The use of frameworks, graphs, diagrams and charts is encouraged, but these should be directly relevant and adapted to analysis of the simulation.
An executive summary is not required.A brief introduction should be used to introduce the reader to your report and provide an overview of the context and scope of the report.
Each question can be answered as a separate section and may benefit from a short introduction giving an indication of the scope to be addressed with a short summary to highlight the key points.
Make sure the correct appendices are included.
In Q3the Harvard referencing system must be used. It is not expected that sources external to ‘The Strategy Experience’ will be necessary to answer the other questions.