The topic is Uses and safety of nanotechology in food.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1. Critically analyse issues, trends, or areas of research in technology specific to the student’s chosen Endorsement; showing awareness of the technology status quo and using multiple sources of information.

2. Assemble personal ideas and/or opinions with supporting arguments to reach conclusions.

3. Communicate and debate in open forum with an audience of peers, staff and interested public.

4. Critically appraise the learning in the investigation, presentation and debate of a topic in technology and map strategies to assist future personal learning.

For your chosen Topic you need to prepare a hand-out (2 pages 12 pt text excluding references) that could be given out at a public meeting. This hand-out will be given to the audience at your presentations. The hand-out needs to include:

1. Background information on the topic

2. Relevant information (if appropriate) in the areas of:

a. Safety (human &/or environmental)

b. Access & IP issues

c. Ethics

d. Current Public Opinion

3. Then you need to give your recommendations for going forward with this technology; justified by information in the hand-out.

4. For this hand-out you need to cite your references in the text using numbered format and include a Bibliography at the end.

Remember: this hand-out is to be given to a potentially non-scientifically trained audience so you need to give the information in plain language, concisely and precisely, avoiding scientific jargon and specialist terms. If you need to include specialist terms you need to define them.

Component 2: Presentation & Debate (30%)

You need to prepare and deliver a Powerpoint presentation on your Topic.

The presentation should be 10 minutes long, with another 5 minutes available for questions and debate on the topic.

You may use any type of visual aids you like in addition to the ppt presentation.