theories of positivism and social constructionism

Compare and contrast the theories of positivism and social constructionism in health studies, paying close attention to which, if any, you find most useful.

ESSAY 1500 words (allowed to exceed by 100 words max)?
Demonstrate ability to describe and explore the positivism and social constructionism in terms of their pros and cons
? Demonstrate capacity to outline similarities and differences between the two theories clearly
? Demonstrate an understanding of the usefulness, if any, of the two theories
? Demonstrate ability to show how the theories shed light on concepts of health and illness
? Demonstrate ability to write clearly and show understanding of the theories.
Your work must be:-
? Word processed / typed
? Size 12 font e.g. Times New Roman or Arial
? Double line spaced
? Right hand margin 20mm / 0.75”
? Left hand margin 40mm / 1.5”
? Double sided
? Page numbered from the title page in the format ‘Page 1 of 1’
? ? Reference list – single line spacing
? Appendices – single line spacing if possible
Sources for essay: Please use contemporary research from reputable journals and books. Please use Harvard open referencing