Top 10 Cities To Live in Africa

The article should be structured in the following format: Short but very engaging introduction. The reader should be willing to keep reading to the actual list. 1. Place 1. 50-100 words description. [1] 2. Place 2. 50-100 words description. 3. Place 3. 50-100 words description. [2] … 10. Place 10. 50-100 words description. Please provide links to the sources you used to create the article (minimum 2 sources should be used). Include links within the text with numbers [1], [2], etc, as shown above. And the actual links provide at the end of the article: [1] [2] The length of each article is expected to be 500-1000 words. The instructions are the same for all articles. Please let me know if you have any questions