I would like for you to write an article about how a person can “Restore” themselves after experiencing adversity. I am referring to “Restoration” from the inside out. . Please use the details/outline below for this next document: 1. Introduction to “Restore”: Adversity or unfortunate circumstances can leave you stunned, bewildered and with feelings of isolation. Many times, stressful circumstances and be traced back to flawed thinking. You may find yourself asking, 2. “How did I get here?”, or “What was I thinking?”. Taking full responsibility for your current situation is the first step to -Find the meaning in your suffering or adversity. Viktor Frankly once said, “When suffering finds meaning, then suffering seize to exist.” _Add meaning to your adversity that is bigger than yourself. 3. During my own personal adversity, I realized that my “overcoming” and my “triumph” over adversity would be an inspiration to many people seeing that my story was so highly publicized. -Visualize yourself on the other side of adversity, now! 4. Feel success now! _True restoration begins from the inside out, and its spiritual. _Remember that today’s circumstances are the result of yesterday’s thoughts. -No such thing as failure, only opportunities to grow and get better. -know that you are in a continuous state of growth, refinement, and unfoldment. -this is the stage to reflect on the lessons learned and to prepare mentally to move forward. -find a way to forgive. Holding on to heavy feelings only holds you down. 5. Forgiveness is for you, no one else. During this stage of restoration, “traveling light” emotionally is critical. 6. Only in “Silence” can you begin to re-create or re-design who you are. During times of adversity many people are reluctant to be alone. Know that you have value and have work to complete, which I call your “Assignment”, know why you are here, embrace a cause larger then yourself. Personally, my assigment is to help decrease the amputation rates related to diabetes. Every 5 minutes someone experiences an amputation, 75% of them which could have been prevented. African Americans in particular have the highest amputation rate of any segment in the U.S. It was my “assignment” that was the driving force behind me getting back up to complete my lifes work. 7. Self talk: Reminding yourself of how great you are during times of adversity is critical. Throughout the day I would repeat to myself, “I am Dr. Releford”. I would see myself restored back to my previous position but with even more prominence.