Waivers/Transfers to adult criminal justice systems

Waivers/Transfers to adult criminal justice systems
The assignment consists of 2 separate parts: 1) An Introduction and 2) A Literature Review. Topics shall be selected from the list below and be based on a focused analysis of the state of the literature. Empirical sources that will be relevant for your literature review will be found primarily in scholarly/peer reviewed journal articles although textbooks and government publications can be used as supplementary sources. Students should avoid the use of Internet sources that offer little if any opportunity for verification of authenticity. Paper needs to be at least 5 pages, typed in 12 point font, have one-inch margins, and organized with headings and subheadings. Avoid using quotes; rather summarize what you find into your own words.
Part 1-Introduction: The intro will clearly identify the topic to be researched. The intro should include a statement of the problem and the general pts of discussion that will be covered in the literature review. Explain why the topic is important and provide a discussion of the scope (prevalence, frequency, severity, etc.) of the issue and why it is worthy of exploration. the intro is worth 25 pts and should comprise about 1-2 pages of your entire paper. A minimum of 2 sources need to be included in the intro. All citations should be completed using APA or ASA format, but must be consistent in style. The final paper will have a completed annotated bibliography of at 8 references.
Part 2-Literature Review- The review is a limited assessment of the current state of the literature on an issue related to juvenile delinquency as identified in the Intro. The Literature review should be a minimum of 4 pages.
Approved Topics
-Female Delinquents
-Waivers/Transfers to adult criminal justice systems
-Victimization of Delinquents
-Disproportionate Minority Contact