worldview rolemodel: Richard Dawkins

worldview rolemodel: Richard Dawkins

Paper instructions:
Use at least three different reputable sources from your research that provide information related to the worldview of the individual you selected.

In a paper of 750-1,250 words, compare and contrast the values and actions demonstrated by the role model with your own worldview and experience in regards to at least three of the following:
4.Social Issues
5.Nature of God

Is this an individual you would choose as a personal role model? Why or why not?

I have a Christian worldview. Instructions were to chose someone with a different worldview than your own. (I think I hit the nail on the head).  I will attach the outline I completed…although my grade was not very good.

Sara Trapani
June 20, 2014
Dr. Jeff Jibben

Detailed Worldview Outline
•    Write an Introduction of 3-5 sentences to set up the purpose of the outline.
•    Address each question with 1-2 sentences (“a” = 1 sentence / “b” = 1 sentence).
•    Write a Conclusion of 3-5 sentences to wrap up the purpose of the outline.
•    Total word count for this document should be 400-650 words.

Being that my worldview is Christian I wholly believe that God is our creator and he gave us his son, Jesus Christ who died for our sins. All through the bible we get a detailed account of what God has given to us, his children. We also see how much love he has for us by the gift of life, a promise to be with Him forever, and the security found in His word.

I)    Who is God and what are His characteristics?
a)    God is our almighty creator and reason for being.
b)    His characteristics are that He is incomprehensible, infinite, eternal, and unchanging.
II)    What is a human being and what happens when you die?
a)    As human beings we are made in God’s image.
b)    When we die we given a new body and we shall forever live in God’s kingdom.
III)    What is the nature of the universe?
a)    Our universe was created by God so that we would have unending love.
b)    The purpose was to create a universe so that we may fulfill God’s plan.
IV)    How do you know what you know?  How do you know what is true?
a)    The main part of my worldview was ingrained in me as a child.
b)    By exploration of His word and my own perception I accept that God is our one and only creator.
V)    What is right and wrong or how can we know there is a right and wrong?
a)    What is “right” is doing good by God, following his word and living up to his expectations
b)    We know there is a wrong because of Satan. When we do wrong we try to hide from God.
VI)    Is life pointless or is there purpose?
a)    There is a greater purpose within our lives, there is no doubt that life is not pointless.
b)    Our purpose is to serve God and live by His word.
VII)    What core commitments are consistent with my worldview and how do they impact my life?
a)    Core commitments within my worldview include living my life by God, doing right by his people, and following His word.
b)    I talk to God several times a day to seek comfort, advice, and to confirm my plan.
I may not have always lived my life to do right by God. I am, in fact only human. I mess up but I still need and believe that God is with me and has a greater plan. This is shown to me by His covenants, his gift of Jesus Christ, and the promises he has made to His children.