Writing Assignment

Extra Credit Writing Assignment Econs102-03

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General Instructions:

This assignment is to be submitted to the instructor in class on the due date.

The assignment will be graded only once; no revisions are permitted.

To receive credit your answers have to be typed.

Since questions below are based on an article posted to Angel (see “Video Games” under Lessons Tab), you will need to read the article and refer to other materials mentioned below. I expect to see an answer that is one-half to a page long.

1. What is the main question(s) the authors are exploring in this article?

2. Which method did the authors use to gather information on how students spent their time?

3. Refer to equation 1(a). Would you interpret this equation as a demand or supply of GPA or neither? Justify your answer.

Hint: To answer this question you will also need to refer to the Chapter 3 of your textbook and Handout 3. In particular check to see if the elements of demand and supply are present in this equation.