College research paper

A student is normally required to develop skills and knowledge that allows him conduct independent researches on various topics. These skills are tested through the writing of a college research paper. The paper tests the ability of independent thinking and analysis of information. The student should know the main steps that should be followed when writing any research paper. This makes him develop critical thinking and analytical skills that re key to academic development.

The student should first select the topic that will form the basis of his research. The topic chosen should be understood properly so that relevant information can be gathered. The students should first write the introduction to the paper. This is a brief overview of the area under discussion. Te student can mention whether there has been any research works conducted on the area or not. He will then inform the reader of what he intends to do and why.

The second part of the college research paper is the literature review. This is where the student gathers all the relevant information regarding the topic. Information on the topic is mainly found in books and journals on the subject area. This information gathered should provide the necessary guidance to the student on the existing knowledge on the topic. The information will detail what previous researchers have discovered and what they have not. This informs the student on the direction his research work should take. Any college research paper should cover a lot of authors as possible. This enhances that the originality of the work which is to be done by the student. The student will be able to formulate his hypothetical questions properly and articulately. He will be informed of the areas that have not been fully exploited by previous research works.

The student then writes the methodology section. This section entails full description and elaboration of all the data collecting methods that will be used in the study. The student must explain all the stages in the data collection process. The explanations for the processes should be done using simple and easy to understand language. This makes the college research paper easy to understand and follow. The reader should be in a position to replicate a similar study based on the explanations for the process provided by the student.

The student should then analyze the data collected in the data analysis section. The methods used to analyze the data should be scientific methods. The methods should be known and easy to understand. It makes it easy to synthesize the information gathered. The findings of the research should then be listed. This is mainly got from the interpretation of the data gathered. A college research paper requires the findings to be related to the hypothesis questions for the paper. These findings should answer the hypothetical questions based on the study.

Students must know that a research paper requires a lot of time due to the large amounts of information that may be required. If a student has no time, he can consider contracting established companies such as who do custom research.