The ability to write quality academic term papers is a vital asset to students at the collegiate level and beyond. Students are required to write one or more term papers per class, throughout the duration of their academic program. Students are required to follow the appropriate format required for every term paper they write. This writing format is determined at the discretion of the instructor (i.e. MLA or APA). When writing a quality academic paper it is important that each student becomes aware of the correct guidelines to follow.

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Determining your topic

Some professors will give students the opportunity to choose the topic for their research paper while others will select the topic for their students. When choosing a topic, it is advised that the student choose a topic of interest to them. Choosing an interesting topic will enable the student to have motivation while writing the research paper. When you are actively engaged in your topic, it will come across in your writing.

When selecting a topic be sure that it is related to the subject or course of study. Be sure to choose a topic that can be narrowed down to a specific area. Topics that cover a wide area tend to lead to papers that are underdeveloped. Additionally, once the topic of the paper is chosen, a student is required to seek approval from his or her professor. Once your topic is approved, you can rest assured knowing that you are headed down the right path.

Students should select a topic they are able to manage. Do not choose narrow, specialized, or technical topics. Consider the sources of the materials available for your topic. Will you be able to thoroughly research your topic?

Research and data collection

Writing a research paper requires the writer to collect all the information required to thoroughly complete the assignment. The information required for writing college research papers can be obtained from various academic sources, to include: books, journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, and reputable website pages.

When researching be sure to collect materials that are relevant to your topic. Consider the source: is it scholarly? If not, you may want to move onto another resource for information. Students can also obtain information from the research paper of other writers, as long as it is properly cited. When in doubt enlist the help of your lecturers and professors on where you can gather information for your research.

Thesis Statement

All research papers require a thesis statement. A thesis statement clearly delineates what the paper will discuss. It serves as an argumentative statement, focusing your paper on a very specific, debatable topic. Typically one or two sentences long, your thesis statement will briefly describe the main idea of your paper, as well as the arguments you will discuss.

What should your thesis statement accomplish?

For the writer, the thesis statement:

  • Serve as a tool to plan your paper.
  • Help you to determine the paper’s main area of focus.
  • Serve as a landing point for your sub-theses or the topic sentences that present your evidence to support the argument.

For the reader, the thesis statement:

  • Serves as a “road map” to follow throughout the entire paper.
  • Allows the reader to prepare for what they are about to read.
  • Acts as an anchor keeping the reader focused on the main argument.
  • Helps the reader to recognize the main ideas within the paper.
  • Engages the reader in your argument.
  • Provides a brief overview for the reader to grasp the concept of your idea/argument.

Outline of the research paper

Making a draft outline of the academic paper will serve as a guide the student when he or she is writing the research paper. The outline of the research paper will show how the research will appear. The outline draft will consist of three main parts namely; the introduction, the body, and conclusion.


The research introduction serves to generate interest to the reader from the start of the paper. A properly executed introduction clearly indicates the intent of the academic paper. An introduction should be short and concise. It clearly outlines the context of the research paper. The introduction sets the tone for the entire case study, setting the stage for things to come. The introduction must include a clearly articulated thesis statement, main points to be discussed in the paper, as well as the method of research to be used throughout the paper.


The body paragraphs serve to introduce the arguments or points that will support the thesis statement. Your supporting paragraphs should be organized in a manner that moves from general to specific information. That is to say, strong arguments followed by weak arguments.


Conclusions summarize and wrap up all of the information being presented within the research paper. Furthermore, the conclusion restates the thesis statement and supporting arguments. Conclusions may also call for specific action or overview future research.

Taking notes

Before you begin to write your research paper, it is advisable to take notes pertaining to all relevant material within the assignment. Before you begin to record your notes be sure to have all of your resources determined and gathered. When taking notes be sure to record all of the information required for the research, making notes in your words. All information taken from reference sources must be clearly cited and referenced.

The first draft

The first draft serves as a rough copy that will lead to the refined final draft. Once you have written your research paper in its entirety, it will require editing for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as for general flow and organization. A thorough outline will make the drafting process smooth and far more efficient. Be sure to include all notes, main points, in-text citations and references.

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Revisions are necessary to compose an exceptionally written research paper. All mistakes in the draft paper should be corrected during this stage. As you begin to revise your first draft be aware of spelling and grammatical errors. You should also review the organization and writing style of the entire document, ensuring all references are cited properly.

The revision process makes require several rounds of revisions. The specific number of times a student will revise their initial draft will depend on the requirements of the paper, as well as the mistakes identified in the draft.

Our academic experts advise for students to construct checklist to be used while revising their draft paper. This checklist will help the student identify that all information required for is included within the final document.

Final draft

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