Тhеоrеtiсаl Frаmеwоrk: Тhе Тrаnslаtiоn Тhеоriеs оf Еugеnе Nidа, Реtеr Nеwmаrk, Bееkmаn аnd Саllоw, аnd Сhristiаnе Nоrd аlоng with а highlight оn Dаvid Kаtаn’s сulturаl thеоry оn trаnslаtiоn.

Within the translation field and with special reference to the translation of sacred texts: provide a CRITICAL DISCUSSION on the theories

1- Eugene Nida

2- Peter Newmark

3- Beekman and Callow’s (1974) Model

3- Christiane Nord

4- Dav id Katan’s cultural theory (see

chapters5.7. and 8 in his book)

Take into consideration the following:

1- How do they define translation?

2- What are their views

towards equivalence in translation?

3- Hhilaw cg? they deal with translating figures of speech (such as metaphor and metonymy and

suc ike

4- What are their approaches to translation? Is it linguistic. functional. and suchlike?

5- Do they provide a specific model,

strategy or proceduresfortranslation and what are they?

6- What are the adv antages and disadvantages (pros and cons) of their theories?

{shower words,what are the drawback (downside)? If there is any then who criticised them and


‘Please DO NOT use

online sources UNLESSthey are academic, such as academic journals and suchlike.

I have attached some sources but FEEL FREE to use other


MOST IMPORTANTLY please indicate the page of reference AT ALLTIMES whether you are paraphrasing OR quoting. (Page is

essential for me to go and see)