5-2 Milestone Two: Potential Solution

5-2 Milestone Two: Potential Solution
Overview: For this milestone, you will submit a the Potential Solution section of the final project (Section II). Having identified and analyzed the problem, you
will now propose a solution to the problem.
Prompt: Your case study analysis and technology solution brief should consist of the potential technology solution you feel will most effectively address the
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
II. Potential Solution: Provide a description of the technology solution you would suggest for addressing this problem.
A. Provide a brief overview of the technology application or solution you feel will address the problem. What is it, and how would it work? What is
its main goal?
B. How will this solution address the organization’s concerns regarding the protection of sensitive health information?
C. What impact will this solution have on the organization’s ability to seamlessly exchange health information through its existing secure internal
and external communications systems?
D. What effect would implementation of this solution have on the organization’s risk management policies and procedures with regard to the
problem? Would new policies or procedures need to be written or could existing ones be revised?
E. In terms of the extent to which this particular solution considers health information privacy and security standards and regulations, why do you
feel it is the best choice for the organization? Be sure to justify your response.