A Creative Concept

You need to show that you can develop a creative concept which has the potential to provide a useful technological product or service to hospitality and/or tourism businesses.
You need to have a more concrete idea of:
1. Your business process/customer need.
2. Area of focus (hotels, restaurants, travel, leisure, etc) and further research to identify current examples of technological application as it relates to your idea.
3. The main technologies you are going to focus on even if we continue to refine these.
Steps required:
a) Identify a business/customer need/process from a hospitality, tourism or leisure firm you know.
b) Establish what is needed to fulfil the need or improve/change the process.
c) Investigate technologies that could facilitate the change/improvement now or in the near future.
d) Develop a concept that enables a feasible application of the technology.
Create a blog (2000 words excluding graphs, tables and bibliography) that clearly describes your concept and documents your development journey including criticism of evidence to support your concept, bibliography and web links.
The report fuidelines
2000 words
300 words (1 entry) describing the costumer need/business process as succinctly & as clearly as possible;
850 words (1 entry) describing the concept and why it is innovative.
850 words (1 entry) describing possible technologies involved;
You must include a Harvard referenced bibliography!
Must have detailed bibliography (not included in word count)
Must include at least 4 to 6 academic references (e.g. Journal articles NOT trade or magazines or Internet sources
Must include additional 6 to 8 references from trade/technical magazines or internet sources
All of the above must be adequately referenced using the Harvard system