A Lesson Plan – 300-400 Words


Develop a lesson plan for your selected scenario using the given format. Please provide a bibliography for your lesson plan.
Part B ? Justification of Lesson Plan – 1100-1200 words (70% of assignment marks)
Use the scholarly literature to explain and justify your Lesson Plan
Referencing- Part B requires substantiation with referencing using APA6 style
You are a registered nurse working in the trauma orthopaedic ward. One of your patients, Mr Noroffo is being discharged today. Mr Noroffo was hospitalised due an acute allergic reaction to shell fish. Before discharge you are required to educate Mr Noroffo on the safe use of an Epi-pen. In the process you will educate the client/patient on the condition and the medication, the safe use and care of the Epi-pen, the safe administration of adrenaline. You have 30 minutes to provide the education before discharge from the ward.