A pandemic flu is sweeping the nation

Project description
A pandemic flu is sweeping the nation. This flu is extremely virulent: approximately 20% of those infected with the virus have died, and the others have gotten extremely ill for a period of 2-3 weeks. Your organization has been hit pretty hard: currently 30% of your workforce is either out sick, or refusing to come to work. Unfortunately, your organization’s continuity of operations plan was badly out of date and had never been exercised, so it is practically useless. Your supervisor has asked you to develop a new plan that will allow your organization to continue its mission over the next couple of weeks when more help will arrive. What are the key elements of that plan and what specific actions would you recommend? How would you balance the need for Information Assurance with the operational drivers of your organization in this emergency situation?
Be sure to address people, process and technology issues and to use course readings to help you formulate a comprehensive, strategic response. Note: You may have to implement portions of this plan initially, and phase in other portions over time. If so, please explain how you plan to do this and what considerations must be made given the current situation.