A Thought Paper About One Of these Topics: Compliance, Conformity, Or Obedience


You will apply one or more social psychological concept(s) to a real world event (either from your own life or from a newspaper article). The goal of these thought papers is to help you learn to recognize social psychological phenomena when you encounter them in your life n order to gain insight into why people (you and others) behave the way they do.
As part of your thought paper you will:
1.Describe the personal experience or newspaper article in detail
2.Define and explain the social psychological concept(s) that apply to the experience/article described
3.Explain how the social psychological concept(s) that you have described apply to the personal experience or newspaper article that you have described
Your paper is intended to be between 3 and 4 pages in length, double-spaced with 1-inch margins and 12-pt Times New Roman font. You are not expected to cite research articles in your paper, but if you do refer to any psychological research, then it should be cited in APA format. You are expected to explain concepts that you take from class or the text in your own words rather than copying definitions verbatim.
If you choose to use a newspaper article:
1.It must be current (i.e., within the past year)
2.It must be from a printed newspaper or from an internet news source, not a blog or a personal opinion
3.You must specify the source, along with the title and date in your paper or in a references section at the end of your paper (which will not count toward your page total)