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Fahrenheit 451 part 3
put the sentences in the correct order…

A: Beatty and Montag are in front of Montags House

B: Beatty explains to Montag that the real beauty of fires lies in its capacity to destroy responsibility and consequences.

C: Beatty mocks Montags,saying he burnt his wings because he wanted to fly.

D: Montags leg is badly hurt.

E: He intends to put Montag under arrest as soon as he has finisheed burning everything.

F: He also scolds and ridicules Montag for having been friends with Clarisse.

G: He arrives at the house of a college, wheere he hides a book.

H: He goes on provoking him until Montag kills Beatty.

I: Montag knocks out his 2 colleagues, then suddenly the Hound appears and attacks Montag.

J: He is almost run over by a car and realises something.

K: He want Montag to destroy his own house.

L: He warns him not to escape because the Mechanical Hound will be around.

M: His leg is numb and he starts crying.

N: Finally he puts a Seashell radio to his ear.

O: He finds a pertol station and washs his face.

P: Mildred leaves the house, gets into a taxi and dont say goodbye.

Q: Stricken with pain Montag finds some books he hid in the garden.

R: Montag relaizes that is was Mildred who betrayes him.

S: Montags colleagues begin destroying him.

T: The green bullet alls to the ground and Beatty picks it up.

U: The pain in his leg slowly subsides.

V: He can hear the police helicopters searching the city for him.

W: With the help of the green bullet, Faber warns Montag to run away.