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Sylvia’s square reads “Love, Sylvia,” but not in purple letters.

A boy made the square reading “Hugs and Kisses.”

The letters in square #3 are yellow

The square that reads “Happy Birthday” (Which doesnt have purple letters) is immediately below Katie’s square

Angela’s sqquare shares an edge with the square that has blue letters

Jason’s square isn’t to the immediate right of Sylvia’s square

The children who made square #6 and the sqaure that reads “I love you” are the same gender

Square #5 reads “Go, grandma

Michael’s sqaure which isn’t #2 , has green letters

The sqare with red letters is immediately about the sqaure that reads “Have a special Day”

*There are 6 boxes, 6 kids, 6 colors, and 6 messages – Find what goes in what box*