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1. Most organizations seek consumer information, yet, why is a competitor analysis a crucial approach to evaluate the marketplace? List and explain the data to include in this analysis.

2. Use the marketing mix as a basis to discuss the criticisms of marketing. Evaluate how marketing influences you, in terms of what you buy and in terms of your beliefs or attitudes? (Base your answer on your thoughts before and after taking this course.)

3. You have been hired as a consultant (due to the great marketing course that you had within your undergraduate degree) for a chain of grocery stores. Your assignment is to help this store in their Hispanic community locations. Using the marketing mix and the promotional mix (make sure you discuss all elements from both in your answer) discuss how you will develop these stores to meet the target customer’s needs.

4.List and explain the major components of the marketing plan.

5. Using two different examples, apply the Marketing Concept to non-profit organizations and explain how the application works.

6. List, explain, and give examples for three of the basic pricing strategies. What factors must be considered when setting prices? Has Price (in today’s marketplace) become the most important component of the Marketing Mix? (Explain your argument with examples.)

7. What is the difference between “sales activity” and “Sales promotion”. Give examples.

8. Using the Pizza industry, cite examples that clearly distinguish between leader pricing and bait pricing. What do they have in common? How can their use affect the marketing mix?

9. List and explain five important changes/trends affecting marketing and ultimately the strategic planning process.

10. What is meant by “The Channel of Distribution”?