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1) Pottery The following table shows ceremonial ranking and type of
pottery sherd for a random sa mple of 434 sherds at a location in rhe Sand Canyon
Archaeological Project, Colorado (The Architecture of Social Integration in
Prehistoric Pueblus, edited by Lipc and Hegmonl.
Ceremonial Cooking Jar Decorated Jar Sherds
Ranking – Sherds (Noncooking) Row Total
C 79 75 I 54
A 86 49 I 35
B 92 53 I 45
Column Total 257 177 434
Usc a chi-square test to determine if ceremonial ranking and pottery type are
independent at the0.05_ level of signiliqance.
2) Political Affiliation: Spending Two random samples were drawn from mem
bers of the U.S. Congress. One sample was taken from members who are
Democrats and the other from members who are Republicans. For each sample,
the number of ‘dollars spent on federal projects in each congressperson’s home
district was recorded.
(i) Make a cluster bar graph showing the percentages of Congress members
from each party who spent each designated amount in their respective home
(iil Use a 1% level of significance to test whether congressional members of each
political party spent designated amounts in the same proportions.
Dollars Spent on Federal Projects
in Home Districts
Less than 5 to 10 More than
Party _ 5 Billion Billion l0 Billion
Democratic 8 I5 22
Republican 12 19 16