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Where is the U.S. on Plato’s ladder of political descent?

Hi Everyone,

Now that you have read Books VIII and IX of Plato’s Republic and seen how he traces the decline of the city he has so carefully shaped to ensure maximal justice, where would you place the U.S. on Socrates’ continuum? That is, do you think we are an “aristocracy” (the best possible form of a “luxurious” state), a timocracy (a militaristic state), an oligarchy (a state ruled by a wealthy few), a democracy (a state that places such a high value on freedom that is has really no other values), or a tyranny?

Don’t just tell me which kind of state you think we are, tell me why you think that. Also, if you think the U.S. does not perfectly match any of these types of state, explain that. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.