Adjusting Tips Using EMV Chip Card

We (GAM Payments) are going to use this article as an industry information page on our website. We are a credit card processor and this page is one that a potential customer in the auto warranty industry would look at for information on credit card processing (merchant account). It should not discuss competitor’s services by name as we want them to sign up for our service. This is what they need to know about merchant accounts and why they want to use our services. Our website is currently under construction, but we do have very basic info on there about us that you can refer to) How EMV is changing the way we tip How the process of tipping change with EMV chip cards Why should I change our tip process if some cards will still work? How to accept tips with EMV cards Tip allowance using EMV chip cards References: Phrases to include Target number of times to include phrase emv tip adjustment 1 chip card 1 credit card 2 emv chip cards 1 emv transactions 1 emv cards 1 merchants 4 emv chip 1 card 10 emv terminals 1 liability shift 1 transaction 5 chip 5 payment 6 terminal 4 debit card 1 harbortouch pos 1 magnetic stripe 1 restaurants 4 customer 4 emv liability shift 1 emv solutions 1 chip-and-pin cards 1 emv migration 1 emv payment 1 pos 1 chip and pin 1 point-of-sale terminal 1 emv technology 1 pin 4 payment terminal 1 card issuer 1 point of sale 1 cards 3 pos terminal 1 magstripe cards 1 emv card 1 emv adoption 1 counterfeit card 1 contactless payments 1 ingenico 1 service-based industries 1 fraud 1 mobile wallets 1 terminals 2 pin pad 1 cardholder 1 solutions 1 full-service restaurants 1 adjust 2