AFFE Final paper

The purpose of the Economic Collision Points paper is to apply Biblical worldview to economics, specifically looking at free enterprise and socialism through a Biblical lens. In a well-organized, well-written essay, address the following questions. You should develop your own coherent outline and themes under which these different questions are addressed. Your paper should not just be a Q&A-style collection of short answers.
• Explain what the term “worldview” means.
• Summarize your understanding of four primary aspects of Biblical worldview: creation, the fall, redemption and restoration.
• Describe how the fundamentals of free enterprise comport with or reject creation, the fall redemption, and/or restoration.
• Describe how the fundamentals of socialism comport with or reject creation, the fall, redemption and/or restoration.
• How has progressivism supported or rejected Biblical worldview?
• Select at least two of the following four topics: made in the image of God, equality, justice, property
• Explain the Biblical worldview regarding each of your topics
• Compare and/or contrast how free enterprise and socialism view each of your topics.
• Share how a Biblical worldview of ethics could constructively impact the marketplace
• Project how you can better serve as a leader in your home, business and/or community in light of your understanding of these economic collision points
Guidelines for Writing
• The paper should be completed using the APA writing style and formatting.

• I am expecting that you will incorporate a minimum of five scholarly sources outside of class material. I will be grading this paper with more rigor than previous assignments.

• Content, style, and grammar are all important to the grade. Well-written papers with excellent content (including integration of course material, outside resources, applicable scripture and personal experience) and grammar will receive A grades. Deficiencies in either content or style/grammar will reduce the grade.