1. Write an assignment, which is well supported with the literature, on one of the food industries of your choice such as: crop/livestock/dairy/horticulture etc.
2. The assignment should address past and current practices (unsustainable and sustainable) being followed in both developing and developed countries for the selected industry.
3. You should include at least four topics covered in 12 week lectures as part of your assignment to be well connected with step 2. The examples of topics to be included could be biodiversity, soil health, input use efficiency (fertilizer, pesticides, and water), integrated weed/pest management, biotechnology, other technologies etc).
4. You should include at least one practical/well demonstrated example each from developing and developed countries as part of your argument to support the unsustainable and sustainable transitions you are explaining. This suggests that you are looking for some supportive data from the literature to support your analysis for the industry.