Airline Performance & Productivity

You have recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Air Transport Management and have joined Emirates Airlines as a Management Trainee. You

supervisor wants to assess your knowledge on the aviation concepts you have studied. He wants you to prepare a comprehensive report based on the

guidelines mentioned below.
Research on measuring Airline Productivity and Performance using various ratios.

However due to time constraint and your excellent performance in the team work assignment he has agreed to let you choose three other trainees

to do this task with you.
The student group will choose an airline of their choice (preferably from the Gulf region, either an LCC or a Full Service Carrier). The group

will then then analyze the information provided in the Financial Statements/Annual Report of the Airline.

The group will calculate the following productivity ratios for 4 financial years (Preferably 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-2014, 2014-2015) and comment

on the same:
• Cost per Available Seat Mile (CASM)
• Revenue per Available Seat Mile (RASM)
• Fuel cost per ASK
• Revenue per employee

A comprehensive research paper has to be written based on the guidelines given above.
The analysis should be done with the help of bar diagrams- showing a trend for the productivity ratios calculated.
This is an individual and a group assignment. Two reports will be submitted for this assignment. The individual student will calculate the

ratios for one financial year for the LCC or Full Service Carrier and give their comments/observations on the ratios, and prepare an individual

report showing the calculations.
The group will then combine their results to compare and analyze the same in order to arrive at a valid conclusion in a group report. Report to

be submitted online through the Turnitin Link on Moodle

this is the assignment brief you have to do the INDIVIDUAL PART ONLY
and our research will be about Thailand airlines and am going to do about ONLY 2012 pleas make sure to calculate what she asked for without an

introduction and conclusion
thanks a lot
wish you a lovely day !