Algebra 2 Project: Correlation and Regression

Purpose: Associations between variables often can be found in data gathered in observational studies. In this project, you will

choose variables of interest to you, plan a strategy for gathering appropriate data for those variables, and then examine the data

for relationships.

1. To complete this project, you may work alone or in a pair of 2 students. If 2 people complete the project together they must

be from the same class period.

2. Choose a topic of interest. Topics must be unique and preferably from another class you are currently taking. Other

possible topics can come from sports themes, populations, nature, etc. Within the topic choose two variables that you will study to

determine the strength and direction of their association. Topics must be approved.

3. Develop a plan for gathering data. You can collect your data through research methods (internet, text books, etc.) or if

applicable you can conduct a survey. You must reference where you got the data from if you use existing data.

4. Gather Data. You need at least 20 pairs of data. If more is available, use it! The more data you have the more accurate

your results will be.

5. Make a table and scatter plot of the data and calculate appropriate correlations. When making a table, try to make a

HORIZONTAL table to save space on your report document. Try different models to make sure you chose the most appropriate model for

your data. Try at least 3 models and report the R2 correlation values.

6. Write a report of your study. See Rubric for requirements.

General Written Report Guidelines:
⇨Your report must be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, single line spacing, with _ double spaces between paragraphs.
⇨Your report should be roughly 3-4 pages in length with one-inch margins (About 1 page of
actual text, the remainder will likely be graphs and tables)
⇨Your report must consist of the following three sections:
Part I: Procedure, Part II: Calculations and Analysis, and Part III: Conclusion

7. Be prepared to present your findings to the class in a presentation. Each class will be making their own rubric for the

presentations and what you expect.

8. Be sure to make clear in your report what the variables, correlation coefficients, and other statistics represent.

Algebra 2 Project: Correlation and Regression
RUBRIC Group Members: ___________________

1. –Describe your two variables: why you chose them and what you hoped to learn by studying them. Give your research question and

what you predict you will learn from the data. Tell why the topic is of interest to you. Make me feel like this project matters to

–Description of the steps that you took to gather the data is clear, logical and detailed. Give EXACT source. If you collected

data through survey, general information about your subjects are given (age, gender, etc) Score : 0 1 2

3 4

Score : 0 1 2 3 4

2. Data table. Horizontal format will save space and paper.
Score : 0 1 2 3 4

3. Scatter Plot – created using Excel, sheets or another program you can copy into the report. Axes are labeled appropriately.

Score : 0 1 2 3 4
4. Correlation coefficient – report includes the R2 values of the models tried. Clear and complete explanation of what the

correlation coefficient states about the association of your variables is included.
Score : 0 1 2 3 4
5. Influential points – your report analyzes the possible influential points in your data. Report describes if such point influences

the correlation and what happens when it is removed. The comparison of the two correlations is included. Score : 0 1

2 3 4
6. Regression type chosen– report analyzes what line/curve is an appropriate model for the data collected.
Report shows the equation of the regression line, the graph of the regression line and analyzes the significance of the equation.

Give an example of how this equation could be used to make predictions and include an analysis of your confidence in the prediction.

Score : 0 1 2 3 4
7. Did you learn anything interesting from your calculations?
Can any conclusions be made based on your findings?
Are there more variables that you would like to observe/study due to the results of this study? Discuss any possible lurking

variables. What could be the impact for predicting future data with your model? Score : 0 1 2 3

8. Format of the report follows guidelines-font, spacing, minimum page requirements Score : 0 1 2 3


9. Report looks professional and demonstrates a high level technology use. Score : 0 1 2 3 4

Overall Score: ___________/40