Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home

Paper instructions:
Source Document: Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home”

Essay Question: Bechdel begins and ends Fun Home by invoking the myth of Daedalus. Why does she use this myth to structure her memoir?

• Do not use any outside sources
• Correct use and format of MLA in-text documentation and Works Cited
• Pays attention to both verbal and visual elements;
• Presents and defends a debatable thesis in the form of an argument; does not retell Bechdel’s story;
• Clearly defines the terms on which the argument depends (w/o citing a dictionary)
• Provides evidence from multiple places throughout the text.

• Font: use Verdana 10, Arial 12, or Calibri 10.
• Margins should be one inch—no more—on all four sides.
• Do not include a cover sheet.
• Title your paper with a title you compose. The title should be in regular or bolded font and centered without any punctuation (unless, grammatically, there needs to be punctuation). Do not italicize, underline, or use quotations for the title.
• Double-space all text. Indent the first line of each paragraph; do not skip a space between paragraphs; do not place use a larger space between paragraphs.

• Italicize titles of major works (books, journals, newspapers, films, plays, anthologies, etc.). Punctuate with quotation marks works within works (Chapters, articles)
• Avoid unattached and unexplained quotations from sources, which do not add anything to what you have to say. Summarize reference material when-and-whenever possible (always citing it appropriately); if you use quoted material, incorporate the key points into your text with appropriate citation, reference, and punctuation using MLA style.
• Every paper that references more than one text, explicitly or implicitly, must include either a works cited or a bibliography. Please do not use a new page unless absolutely necessary.