The primary focus of the Final should be on firm’s (Amazon) global operations, and their influences on the regional and national levels.

You also need to assess the value of multiculturalism and diversity in operating (managing) a company in a global environment. How have

they done in the past? What is
their current state? What kinds of plans and possibilities do they have for the future? Is there room for improving what they do? Should

new ventures be added or old ones subtracted? As you can see, the field is wide open for you to construct your Project in the most

relevant way you see fit.

As part of the Final, you will need to include the following:
● Your Assignment should have a cover sheet with the following information: Title of the paper, Your Name, Course Number and Section

Number, and Date
● It must be a minimum of 5 pages long (excluding title page, references, etc.)
● Be sure to include the criteria located in the rubric below within your paper.
● It must be APA formatted with citations to your sources and your last page should list all references used.
● You must use a variety of three objective, high quality, and current sources. Peer reviewed articles, articles published in journals,

textbooks, and library resources.
● Note that Wikipedia, Investopedia, etc. are not considered as reliable resources for this

Provided an appropriate analysis of the firm’s global operations
and integrating information at the regional and national levels.

Examine how well the firm has operated in the past.

Analyze the firm’s current state and performance

Discuss plans and possibilities the firm has for the future.

Present an appropriate explanation and analysis of where there
is a room for improvement.

Evaluate whether the firm should add new ventures.

Examine whether the firm should diverge away from old ventures.

Present 18–24 months forecast for the firm.