America civil war

The military aspect at the begging discuses the war in general then i will go through Gettysburg war in details.
a. Introduction
b. Background
c. Relationship of theories to information on the topic covered in introduction
d. Conclusions
e. References
f. Supplemental materials (if any)
The Introduction should include why this paper is being done; what is the point. The background provides a summary of the issue or topic at hand. Present some issue, person, or event that can be explained or examined in the area of American history. Identify and explain how your topic is related to any of the theories as presented by the instructor or by Kelly, Harbison, and Belz.
The conclusion is what you think are the critical attributes or characteristics of the issue you have examined. There should be at least six references from journal articles, textbooks, or government publications (excluding textbooks from this course). Do not use Wikipedia as a source as it is an open-source and thus not necessarily is not reliable.
Supplemental materials to be attached to the end of the paper may include any statistical data, research, or any graphs or tables designed to show a specific impact or relative effect. Permission to use such material must be obtained.